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Discussion Questions for Readers

What did you learn from Family Declassified about the causes of anti-semitism in Hungary?

What explains the transformation of Budapest from a city that welcomed Jews to what has been called “Holocaust City”?

What examples are presented of antisemitism in the US government during WWII?

Have you read about the rule of Victor Orban in Hungary and his popularity among some American politicians? What similarities exist between his positions and those exhibited by Hungarian rulers during WWII?

How did Ferko’s role as a father who abandoned his wife and children contrast with his actions as a war hero?  


Can you think of examples of famous figures who demonstrated these contradictions?

Were you surprised by the story of Ferko’s mother? What does it tell us about the treatment of women with mental health problems in Central Europe during the early 20th century?

What does the author suggest as the reasons for Ferko’s self-imposed exile in Mexico for two decades? Which explanations seem most plausible to you?

What is at the root of family secrets about identity?  


Are there examples of secrets in your family that have been guarded for generations?

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