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Israel Genealogy Research AssociationI

"Discovering Hidden Jewish Ancestry and Espionage
in My Family"
  March 2024

Shemot: Jewish Genealogical Society of GreatBritain

“An Unlikely Biographer: Researching the Life of a
Grandfather I Barely Knew.” . 32(2), pp 1-5, 2024.


Linewaiters Gazette

"My Grandfather, An Epicurean Spy" April 9, 2024

The Jewish Book Council’s Annual Literary Journal, Volume 8, 2024
"Book listing in Paper Brigade"


"Interview With Author Katherine Fennelly On A Family Spy"


Katherine Fennelly at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Book Signing Party in Brooklyn

February 12, 2024

Immigration History Research and Austrian Studies Centers, University of Minnesota, 4pm ET

Virtual presentation; Moderated conversation

January 7, 2024

Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon

Virtual Presentation 1:30pm ET

December 13, 2023

World Without Genocide Webinar

Mitchell Hamline School of Law

7pm CT - 8pm ET

October 3, 2023

Table at Brooklyn Book Festival

Brooklyn Borough Hall10-6pm 

September 23, 2023

Book Signing Party in Brooklyn6-8pm

September 23, 2023
Sunbury Press Book Show

10 am

Listen to Podcast

September 21, 2023

Virtual presentation to Good Neighbors Park Slope

2 pm
Watch Video »

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